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6B.Low, originally from Deltona, Florida, now lives in Ohio. He has harbored a deep affinity for music and songwriting since childhood, making music a core part of his life. After the tragic passing of his grandmother, who had raised him, 6 let himself go down the dark path of drugs and addiction, eventually ending up in jail due to this drug abuse. This was one of the most terrifying and lonely times of 6’s life, displaying the futility of drug-induced happiness. 

After moving to Ohio, and meeting his wife, the eclectic artist has solely focused on music production as a mode of salvation. 6B.Low hopes to use his musical talents to connect with his fans about depression, drug addictions, and other hardships life can throw at you and show them that they can change if they put their mind to it. 

“This Road” and “Lost Soul” are just some of the most notable songs that relate to addiction, released by the artist. The latter was written a while ago when 6’s wife left the artist due to his habitual cocaine use and alcoholism. The song is a real eye-opener about almost losing one’s family and thus true spirit and soul. 6 has also released 2 singles “Friday Nite feat Pa Pa Fresh” and “Jacked Up” a sequel to Friday Nite that features Country Rap Legend SMO. These 2 songs have pushed 6 in a direction of what some are calling Club Country or Crunk Country, 6 likes to say they are “mud slangin bangers” 6 is booked to open for Seth Anthony and Rich Regal later this year.

6B.Low’s raspy, yet subtle singing voice compiled with a smooth rap flow and real-life lyrics, and Southern roots, rock, and rap all add to the novelty of the music produced. The rising star’s biggest inspirations are Johnny Cash, Jelly Roll, SMO, Haystak, and Upchurch.

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